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THE.FINEST.MUSIC. shares knowledge in online music marketing and is a distinguished playlist curator mainly on Spotify. Each playlist has been built up continuously over a long period of time and is updated daily. 

We do not participate in any form of payola, the service for our Spotify playlists does not include any guaranteed placement for your submission.

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We regularly publish videos about online music marketing. Please check out our coaching video for IG ads (click the button):

​The next videos will cover the following topics: 

  • The REAL pay-per-stream-rates of streaming platforms and countries

  • Increasing and monitoring your streams (profile and playlist) on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music

  • The best aggregators like CD Baby, DistroKid among others

  • Effective submission: how to submit and pitch songs (Spotify´s editors via “Spotify for Artists”) for a playlist placement

  • How to use feed & story on IG and fb to post your favorite song with effective hashtags

  • The best video programs for your own ads

  • And many more


After becoming a Bronze or silver patron you can suggest a certain number of tracks for both levels! Please check out our playlists below:

210516_Rap. Beats. Please.
210422_Singer_Songwriter. Please.
210422_Techno. Beats. Please.
210422_Sleeping. Piano. Please.
210422_Quiet. Sleep. Please.
210422_Quiet. Piano. Please.
210422_Mainstage. Beats. Please.
210422_Lowkey. Techno. Please.
210422_Ambient. And Downtempo. Please.
210422_Electronic. Pop. Please.
210422_Italian. Music. Please.
210422_Instrumental. Jazz. Please.

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